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TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion

TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion

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TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion

TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion

Regular price $44.97
Regular price $44.97 Sale price
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Julie Murphey shared her experience using the TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion!

"Since the epidemic, I've been working from home, and now my back discomfort and poor posture are my biggest problems. My s-spine is extremely uncomfortable since I developed it from sitting all day. To correct my s-spine and lessen discomfort when sitting, my ortho recommended using this cushion. So far, it's fantastic; it really lessens the discomfort and helps with adjustment. It's quite cozy." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All Day Sitting Comfort!

Reduce lower back and sciatica pain! The TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion was ergonomically created to assist relieve pressure on the user's lower back or tailbone when they are sitting and provides spine pain treatment. Supports good posture and a straight spine.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is what is known as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resistance polyurethane foam (LRPu). Designed to slowly mold to the body in response to pressure, and therefore to evenly distribute body weight. They are also designed to be resilient, and to return to their original shape once body weight and pressure is removed.

TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion Best Features:

Improve Sitting Posture

TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion promote good posture and a straight spine while transferring your lower body weight to make sitting for extended periods of time more comfortable. Lifting your body helps to stabilize and correct your spine, allowing you to sit comfortably for an extended period of time without experiencing any back or lower body pain.

Pressure Relief and Support

TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion scientifically contoured to cradle your thighs & hip and help you sit upright up on any chair. The seat cushion helps distribute lower body weight evenly across and reduce lower back pressure for unparalleled comfort.

Instant Comfort

If you find that you’re unable to sit for long periods of time because of hemorrhoids, our seat cushion are made for you. TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion nicely fits most office chairs. U-shaped contoured design rests your tailbone, avoiding compression. This pillow is also a good option to consider, if you move around a lot.

Soft and Breathable Material

Doctor of Orthopedics Recommends. Enables excellent air circulation and lets you sit comfortably without being overheated or perspiring. The pad is firmly held in place by the non-slip rubber base. The insert for the cushion is constructed of memory foam, which adapts to your unique shape and relieves pressure.

What makes TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion special?

  • Ergonomic Design -The U-shaped design, with its cut-out center and contoured surface, removes pressure from the coccyx to ensure the tailbone hovers over the surface of the seat, thereby alleviating any discomfort caused by sitting for extended periods.
  • Supports and Relieves Pressure -  provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure and promotes healthy posture.
  • All Day Support - Provides lower back pain & sciatica relief, great for office use, driving & traveling. Supports recovery from lower back problems, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica and other spinal issues. Great for office, home, travel, car seat or wheelchair use. 
  • High Quality Memory Foam Cushion - The premium seat cushion is made with 100% memory foam with high density, The outer fabric of this seat cushion is a breathable cotton material that can be removed with a zipper and has a non-slip bottom that can be machine washed if needed.

Here are some of our Happy Customers


"When I sit for long periods of time, my sciatic nerve pain, which is chronic lower back pain, might get worse. I've been using this TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion, which my therapist recommended, for a month. I no longer have that awful sciatica pain from sitting for hours on end! The memory form, in my opinion, is quite helpful and does not degrade with frequent usage." -  Jack meyer


"I could hardly sit because my tailbone hurt so horribly. This pillow has literally saved my life. For better or worse, I sit a lot since I'm a writer and I work from home. I'm in considerably less pain now after only a few days of utilizing this. The good news is that my posture has certainly improved, and I no longer get lower back pain. With this buy, I'm quite pleased." - Kelly Lauthner

Product Details


Material: Memory foam
Size: 46 x 32 x 10cm
Weight: 700g

Package Includes

 1 x TarDion Memory Foam Enhanced Seat Cushion

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