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RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch

RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch

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RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch

RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch

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Louisa Adams shared her experience using the RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch

"I began to notice that my toes were beginning to curl inward after years of wearing heels. I made the choice to purchase these Relief Patches. These are comfortable to wear while sleeping, and the patch's strong adhesive stays on my feet all night. I saw a change after a few weeks, and my bunion began to straighten again. I wear this every night and sometimes at day during my day off and it really does help my bunion feet a lot." 

Prevent and Relieve Painful Bunions!

What is Bunion?

A bony lump known as a bunion develops at the base of your big toe joint. It happens when a few of the bones in the forefoot slip out of alignment. The joint at the base of your big toe is forced to protrude because the tip of your big toe is being tugged toward your smaller toes. Above the bunion, there could be pain and inflammation.

Despite the fact that bunions are rather obvious, it might be difficult to tell if you have one or another inflammatory condition. The following are some typical signs to watch out for:

  • A hard bump on the outside of your big toe
  • Restricted range of motion of your big toe or joint
  • The formation of corns/calluses
  • Redness, soreness and swelling surrounding toe joints
  • Consistent or constant periods of pain in the foot or toe


Bunions usually become worse over time. They can be aggravated by:

  • tight or too-small shoes that cause your toes to crowd together and put pressure on your big toe
  • shoes that have high heels or pointy toes — these styles force your toes together
  • standing for long periods of time
  • arthritis symptoms in your feet

How does RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch works?

When you have bunions or overlapping toes, long days on your feet can be quite painful. By entering and soothing the underlying tissue to lessen hurting and discomfort, the RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch can assist in providing that pain relief in a natural way.

This patch aids in stimulating the lymphatic system, which helps lymph fluids move throughout the body and improve circulation, as well as reducing pain and swelling, accelerating metabolism, and easing stiff joints.

RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch are made to straighten your big toe and put it back in its proper place. It not only relieves your toe from the pain, swelling, and pressure brought on by bunions, but it also aids in reducing the bunion so that the joint won't become misaligned once again. Relieve pain and overlapping toes without surgery.


Bunions-related pain can be promptly relieved by applying BunionOut™ Relief Patch on the surface of the toenail. Additionally, it lessens shoe pressure and friction. In order to lessen pain and suffering, by penetrating and calming the underlying tissue. By decreasing friction, chafing, and irritation, these bunion patch are helpful when wearing socks, tennis shoes, work boots, and heels.

What makes RASSMAM™ BunionOut Relief Patch a Great Choice?

Contains natural components including wormwood extract, licorice, giloy, and ephedra, among others. These traditional remedies can offer comfort and decrease swelling, soreness, inflammation, and irritation in the joints. They also enhance the body's blood circulation.

Wormwood Essence In Hildegard medicine, wormwood is used primarily for its bitterness and aroma to help boasts antioxidant properties. 

Licorice - potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects. Early research suggests that, as a result, it may ease upper respiratory infections, treat ulcers, and aid digestion, among other benefits.

Giloy - Giloy is a strong immunity booster, anti-toxic, antipyretic ( Anti-arthritic, Anti-osteoporotic ,Hepatoprotective), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. This classical medicine is the ultimate answer to all health anomalies.

Ephedra - energy booster, weight-loss supplement, and athletic performance enhancer.

Here are some of our happy customers

"I'm thankful I found this bunion patch; it's been extremely helpful. Every night while I'm sleeping, I wear it. Because it helped my feet unwind after work, this is excellent. My feet look significantly better than they did before after using them for months." - Clinton Miles


"The finest product ever created is this one! I've tried a lot of things, but this is by far the greatest invention ever! I've had bunion trouble for years, but applying this patch has helped with the pain and swelling." - Karla Evans

Ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of cream and oils.

1. Remove backing film and place over bunion
2. Firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin
3. Can be reusable up to 3 days

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