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flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel

flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel

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flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel

flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel

Regular price $22.97
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Catherine Vodrey submitted this photo on her journey with flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel after using for 8 weeks. Congrats on the success!

“I have been struggling with those pesky white spots known as white spots for an extended period, mainly due to heavy makeup requirements at work. Over time, these spots multiplied, causing frustration and discomfort. Then I came across the flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel, and it has been incredibly effective for me. With consistent use, this remarkable gel has eliminated the white spots, restoring a smooth and youthful appearance to the skin around my eyes. I couldn't be happier with the results and how much more confident I feel without the burden of those countless spots.”

"As I've aged, my skin has encountered almost every typical sign of aging, but the most noticeable and bothersome issue has been sagging eyelids. Thankfully, my daughter recommended the flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel to address this concern, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the results. It has truly been a remarkable needle-less treatment for sagging eyelids. The gel's effectiveness in eliminating those concerns around my eyes has made a significant difference. The gel's firming properties have helped diminish sagging and enhance the overall youthful look of my eye area, providing a noticeable improvement in my overall appearance."- Michelle Weaver

The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel is a powerful yet gentle solution designed to eliminate white spots around the eyes. Its unique formula dissolves trapped keratin, leading to smoother and firmer skin with consistent use. Say goodbye to stubborn white bumps and hello to a refreshed, youthful look with this innovative eye gel.

Drawing from more than ten years of experience, Dr. Bronson is a distinguished dermatologist renowned for her expertise in skincare. With a focus on achieving natural-looking results, she employs cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and dermatological procedures. Dr. Bronson confidently advocates for the efficacy of flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel as an exceptional product in removing and eliminating white spots around the eyes.

The Underlying Reason for White Spots Around the Eyes

The underlying reason for white spots around the eyes is the buildup of trapped keratin beneath the skin's surface. White spots are small, white or yellowish bumps that commonly appear in the delicate eye area. They form when dead skin cells and sebum (the skin's natural oil) become trapped in tiny pockets or cysts, leading to the development of these small cyst-like bumps.

flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel is specifically formulated to address the causes of sagging eyes, which include weakened tissue and muscles, fat shifting below the eyes, and fluid retention. This remarkable gel targets both milk spots and sagging, providing effective and natural solutions for these concerns. With its unique design, the eye gel helps reduce white spots and improve sagging, promoting a more youthful and revitalized appearance around the eyes.

How Does The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel Works?

The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel active ingredients work to dissolve and disperse trapped keratin, which is the underlying cause of white spots formation. As the trapped keratin is gradually broken down, the appearance of the tiny white bumps diminishes over time. The eye gel also boasts lifting properties, which help firm and revitalize the skin, promoting a smoother and more youthful look around the eyes. With consistent use, flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel offers a safe and efficient solution for addressing white spots, ensuring a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance to the delicate eye area.

Consists Of 2 POWERFUL INGREDIENTS To Reduce White Spots & Improve Skin Texture:


The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel is enriched with 99% pure Kojic Acid, a beloved dermatologist-recommended ingredient derived from mushrooms, known for its remarkable ability to reduce white spots. Regular use of this eye gel has been scientifically proven to lighten existing white spots around the eyes, delivering a healthier and revitalized look and feel to the delicate skin in that area, making it stand out as an exceptional choice among other Kojic Acid products.


Caffeine offers a revitalizing effect not just on alertness but also on the skin around the eyes. As explained by Dr. Lorna, LD, a board-certified dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor, tightening blood vessels and reducing sagging and swelling around the eyes, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance. Additionally, research has demonstrated that caffeine's antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals, preventing DNA damage, and its anti-inflammatory properties contribute to improved eye texture and reduced sagging.

Facial Roller Massage Decrease Puffiness

Roller massage may also decrease puffiness (like under-eye bags) by stimulating lymphatic drainage. It lifts the look while reducing puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes. Its composition contains Kojic Acid, which helps maintain moisture and hydration of the skin, and Caffeine is anti-inflammatory properties contribute to improved eye texture and reduced sagging. Caffeine tightening layer on your skin that lifts, tightens and smooths the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Improving Blood Circulation Using Face Roller

The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel offers additional benefits beyond spot removal, as it has been shown to improve blood circulation on your face. By incorporating a face roller into your skincare routine along with the eye gel, you can stimulate blood flow to the face, promoting better circulation. This increased blood flow can lead to a brighter and more radiant complexion, enhancing the overall appearance and health of your skin.

What Makes The flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Dermatologist Tested

Effective white spots removal

Clinically proven ingredients

Lifting & firming properties

Non-irritating & suitable for sensitive skin

Quick absorption & non-greasy texture

Hydrates & nourishes the delicate eye area

Cruelty-free & environmentally conscious brand

Affordable & accessible skincare solution

Packaging designed for easy & hygienic application

Suitable for all skin types & ages

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I was distressed when I suddenly started developing white spots around my eyes a few months ago, as they were impossible to conceal with makeup and seemed to worsen over time. Seeking medical advice, I consulted numerous doctors, all of whom suggested surgery as the only solution for fixing the milk spots, with a year-long intensive treatment plan. However, my luck changed when I stumbled upon the flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel. To my relief, this remarkable gel proved to be highly effective, effectively eliminating my milk spots and even reducing the appearance of fine lines around my eyes. I am thrilled with the impressive results and the confidence it has restored in my appearance.” - Cyndi Ammons

“I have found the flysmus™ Milkia Spot Removal Lifting Eye Gel to be the most effective eye care product I have ever used. After months of struggling with white spots and sagging eyelids, this eye gel has proven to be really effective, successfully eliminating the white spots and improving my skin texture. I am thoroughly impressed with the remarkable results and would highly recommend it to anyone facing similar issues. This eye gel has become an indispensable part of my skincare routine, and I am delighted with the transformation it has brought to my eye area.” - Alicia Reiff

Usage Directions

1. Thoroughly cleanse your face, including the eye area, to ensure it's free from makeup and impurities.

2. Take a small amount of the eye gel and dab it around the eye area, focusing on the spots and areas of concern.

3. Gently massage the gel into the skin using circular motions, allowing it to absorb before applying any other skincare products or makeup. Use twice daily for the best results.


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