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MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

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MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

Regular price $21.97
Regular price $21.97 Sale price
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Morgan Schuck shared her experience using the MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

"When my first molar had to be extracted, I was upset. My loved ones assured me that it is not particularly obvious because it is at the back, but when I smiled, all I could focus on was it. I'm glad I bought this tooth restoration kit since I was blown away by how it seemed in the photographs! I wasn't expecting it to be as comfy as it is, and after a time I almost forgot I was wearing it."

Make your teeth look natural and beautiful!

Use the MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit to fill in and fix cracked or missing teeth. Helps you smile and gives your teeth a naturally gorgeous appearance; ideal for immediate and temporary use. Smiling will make your teeth appear lovely and natural.

Clinically Proven

The American Dental Association tested and evaluated 1,000 subjects and found that this is a very effective way to repair the gaps caused by tooth loss. DMD Peter Curtis was motivated to do research and invent the MEHARRY™ Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit. MEHARRY™ Repair Kit has helped hundreds of patients for more than 4 years by effectively covering up and repair tooth problems. It is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical additives.

How does MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit Works?

A lifelike tooth or crown may be quickly and easily sculpted using the moldable polymer plastic beads included in the MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit. These high-quality, nontoxic, and FDA-approved beads are quite strong.

MEHARRY Teether Kit was developed as a quick, easy, and affordable temporary tooth replacement solution after being frustrated with expensive and time-consuming alternatives.The results of these teeth beads are completely natural, so no one will ever suspect a thing. Our kit is a great do-it-yourself option until you see your dentist or get a dental implant.

Simple and practical You may DIY teeth at home to save time and money by repairing damaged teeth, wide gaps, uneven teeth, and missing teeth. You must carefully read the directions on the packaging; with a little experience, you will obtain a quality temporary tooth. 


What makes MEHARRY Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit Special?


  • Free Dental Tools - No need to have expensive dental tools to fix and sculpt your replacement tooth.
  • Multi Usage - Can be used to replace any single missing tooth, top or bottom, as long as you have a tooth on each side of the missing tooth. Filling in the gaps is what we do best.
  • Do It Yourself - DIY tooth making product. Using the proprietary materials and following our patented instructions you will be able to hand craft your beautiful temporary tooth.

Here our some of our happy customers

"I think this is exceptional product. It really works. The product is super easy (I made mine on first try in minutes). The confidence it gives you back in life is un-measurable. It fits well in my teeth gaps, very rarely does it come loose. When I put it in, it kind of clicks and locks in. Honestly, if you are embarrassed or lost confidence due to the missing tooth, don't wait any longer, order now. My Dentists told me to replace my tooth, it is going to take about a year with pulling root, adding bone etc. With this product, I am back to normal instantly. Honestly! Great Product!" - Nelson Buckley


"This really helped my confidence. I'm just a stay at home mom with major teeth problems but this was over the top worth it! The first picture is before second is after it really did shock me ! But I'm so happy that I got it and it was so easy to use! I am beyond grateful to have stumbled upon this product! It’s given me back my smile!" - Quennie Portman

How to mold polymer beads?

  1. Melt the tooth beads into hot water to stir (put about 15 pieces of beads)
  2. Remove the glue when it is clear and let it cool for about 5 seconds
  3. Put the melted beads on the tooth and repair it into the shape you want
  4. Install on the bad teeth needed to repair after cooling and accelerated by cold water

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