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MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring

MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring

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MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring

MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring

Regular price $19.97
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No piercing Navel Ring - Be inspired to the amazing results of our satisfied customers!

"I struggle with my weight and carrying too much water around in my body. My body weight also caused me edema. After using this Detox Navel Ring for a while, I noticed that my waist had significantly shrunk. I continued taking it and noticed increasing results till the love handles disappeared. But it wasn't until lately that I became aware of my own weight loss! I've used this and dropped pounds! Backaches and other swelling areas have also vanished and won't reappear!" - Nancy Crawford

"I made every effort to lose my body fat. Nothing has ever worked for me, neither pills, exercise, or diet. I had the belief that I would never be able to reduce weight. Fortunately, I made the decision to try this Detox Navel Ring, and I'm so glad I did! ! After wearing I lost a lot of weight! I now have my life back, along with my self-esteem, vitality, and sound mind. ” -Celeste Hall


How are Toxins Resulting in Your Obesity and Fatigue?

When there is a significant accumulation of toxins in the body, oxidative stress and inflammation are brought on. Because they imitate some hormones and muddle the chemical signals that your metabolism depends on, toxins are referred to as "endocrine disruptors." This may lead to insulin resistance, which encourages the accumulation of fat. Toxins influence your metabolism, hormones, and brain function, among other factors that contribute to weight gain.

In general, poisons can promote weight gain because our systems respond to toxicity by generating new fat cells. They put on even more weight as a result of the stress and frustration they experience, and finally get an illness diagnosis.

Can Acupoint Helps in the Reduction of Weight?

In 2019, Howard Wright, MD, carried out a research titled "Testing Acupoint Therapy for Weight Loss and Abdominal Obesity Outcomes in a Randomized Controlled Trial." The research, which was reported in Biomedical Engineering Online, involved 51 women in their early 20s. They had waists that measured at least 80 cm in diameter. The experimental group and the control group of patients were separated. Researchers came to the conclusion that using acupoint therapy resulted in statistically significant weight reduction advantages for the women in the experimental group, and the weight loss impact is astonishing.

What Umbilical Ring Acupressure?

The umbilicus is the epitome of the body. The umbilicus may be split into superficial, intermediate, and deep layers to connect with various organs, serving as both a micro-diagnosis system and a window for sickness therapy. The umbilical inner ring and outer ring are collectively known as Umbilical Ring acupoints, and they have the ability to clear pathways, balance blood flow to control and eliminate toxins, tonify deficiencies, and break up stagnation in order to treat a variety of illnesses affecting the entire body.

Pressure Activate Acupoints


Pressure applied to the navel might activate acupuncture points. By clipping Navel ring it automatically applied pressure to activate the acupoints that can help your stimulate digestive system and improve your blood flow.  pressure points are thought to be powerfully sensitive parts of the body. By applying pressure to our body's pressure points, it can help relieve pain, establish balance, and improve health throughout the body.

How does MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring Works?

Increases Metabolism

Through stimulating your thyroid region, one of the major parts of your body in regards to metabolism, you may increase the functioning of your pituitary gland. As a result, the pace at which fat is burned may rise, increasing the effectiveness of both your regular activities and your exercises in burning calories and losing weight.

Boost Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system's benefit is one of its less well-known advantages. Toxin removal occurs through the lymphatic system, which can be strengthened with frequent magnetic energy use. According to one study, consistent use of acupoints resulted in a considerable rise in lymphocyte numbers. This increase is positive since lymphocytes are essential for the correct functioning of the lymphatic system.

Acupuncture for weight reduction can reduce oxidative stress levels, control immunological response, and maximize your body's ability to lose extra weight. It may also help with the treatment of a number of illnesses. A mild magnetic field can cause the body's smallest blood vessels to dilate or constrict, increasing blood flow and lowering inflammation, which is crucial for the healing process.

What makes MagnePress Umbilical Acupressure Detox Navel Ring Special?


✔ Decongests the bloodstream & lymph nodes

✔ Acceleration of metabolism

✔ Natural solution for lymphatic drainage & weight loss

✔ Helps eliminate toxic chemicals

✔ Helps body detoxification

✔ Promotes balance, clarity & manifestation

Here are some of our happy customers

"This is incredible, and I had wonderful effects from wearing it. I've been use this Detox Navel Ring daily. I am overweight before I've tried this Detox Navel Ring. This ring eliminates both my belly bloat and my extra body fat. I have a faster metabolism today than I had before. I had less cravings and sweated more when exercising." Phoebe Jackson

" After wearing this ring for several weeks, I see a remarkable change in my body shape. Unexpectedly, there has been a significant improvement, and I no longer need to frequently visit the gym in order to get the weights to lift as they should since that is what I desired. My end outcomes were astounding. I can say that getting my body back to being firm has changed my life. Now that I can dress myself, I also have the option of going topless on the beach. Incredible! I adore this thing so much."- Anna Wilson

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