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flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

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flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

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5R Unique Therapy Perfume 

Our flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume in addition to its distinctive fresh fragrance, there has triclosan that can control bacterial growth on skin and minimize body odor. It works by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin to eliminating body odor and changing to attractive pheromone scent. By using it, women will no longer suffer from body odour and will be able to unleash their unique feminine beauty through pheromone.

All have Potential Body Odor

Body odor is primarily caused by the breakdown of sweat by bacteria on the skin. While sweat itself is virtually odorless, the bacteria that naturally reside on the surface of our skin break down the proteins and fats in sweat, resulting in the production of compounds that emit an unpleasant smell. Therefore, all people have potential body odor but difficult to discover it because the odor may release a little smell not big, especially the genes from family. If you do not smell it, it does not representing you have not body odor. Others will smell it!

Our French Perfumer made flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

"As a woman, I understand that every woman is concerned about her smell, especially her body odour. Having studied perfume for over 10 years, I have found that many perfumes can only temporarily cover up odour, but cannot completely eliminate the problem of body odour. When I tried the medical ingredient (triclosan) as one of the ingredients in my perfume, I was most surprised to find that when combined, the scent did not clash with each other, but also cleared the odour from the body for a long time. After a month of personal experience, I found that after sweating, my old stinky sweat odour was gone and my body smelled faintly fragrant. This also increased the attraction of pheromones and improved my relationship with my boyfriend. This fragrance is my favorite of all the perfumes I've created!" - Isabelle Léonie

Improves Body Odor by Long Time Consistent Use

Our flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume has triclosan helping to unblock sweat gland and eliminate the bacteria from skin surface. It works to preventing the combination of sweat gland and bacteria to generate body odor. For the long time using, it can definitely removing body odor.


 Replace Body Odor to Pheromone Appeal

The flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume is mainly made by 600,000 jasmine quenched, 30kg of osmanthus and 70kg of damask rose petals concentrated. These scents can effectively influence pheromones, which are chemical messengers, play a crucial role in attracting individuals of opposite gender. These chemical messengers are responsible for inducing chemical reactions, triggering desires, regulating hormone levels, and even enhancing fertility when they are released.

Delicately Blended Body Fragrance

Our flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume also features ion binding technology that fortifies and amplifies the potency of your natural pheromones, while suppressing body odor. This creates a unique scent, stimulating an olfactory nerve and evoking feelings of desire and romance. It helps you stand out in a crowd, and may even give you an edge when it comes to interactions with the men. The fragrance set works to alter your mental and emotional state, improving your prospects of successful seduction.

Why Must You Get The flysmus™ LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

✓The first fragrance to use medical ingredients
✓Immediate body odour elimination
✓Permanently removes body odour in long-term using
✓Turns to attractive sweating smelling
✓Made with a variety of +50 natural ingredients
✓ Pheromones Amplification
✓ Enhance Your Natural Pheromone Production Which Inspires Affection
✓ Charming, Pleasant Scent For Women
✓ Roll-On Application For Easier Application & Longer Lasting Scent
✓ Handy Size To Carry Everywhere In Your Pocket/Purse

Over 5,4000 satisfied customers! See why our users love — LesOdeurs Aromatherapy Body Perfume

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