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GoodNail Toe Health Gel

GoodNail Toe Health Gel

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GoodNail Toe Health Gel

GoodNail Toe Health Gel

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Before we introduce our product, here are some customers who tried and loved GoodNail Toe Health Gel!

"I had a toe nail fungus for almost 16years on one toe. I’ve tried everything under the sun from over the counter and even Dr. Prescription didn’t touch it. I took a chance with this product and literally within 3 days I started to notice a difference. Fast forward a few weeks on it and it was almost completely cleared up! About 5-6weeks later and it’s completely gone. I wish I would have found this a decade ago. Great product!!" - Landame Lincoln

"I had discoloration on one of my nails and have started to use this product. After just 2 days (using the product twice per day), I have already started to see an improvement. It's also really easy to use and I love the brush applicator. This contains an anti-fungal that treats the cause of the discoloration and the other side improves the nail's appearance by brightening and lightening the nail. Really innovative design and works great." - Frank Davis


According to the studies, Dermatophytes are responsible for more than 80% of nail fungal infections, therefore you should cut your fingernails and toenails short and keep them clean. aggressively fights against the infection's fungus-causing microorganisms. A waterproof layer is created on the nail's surface by the gel applicator. With its powerful active components, it immediately combats the fungal nail infection.

Do you suffer form toenail fungus and discoloration? 

Fungal nail infections are common infections of the fingernails or toenails that can cause the nail to become discolored, thick, and more likely to crack and break. Infections are more common in toenails than fingernails. The technical name for a fungal nail infection is “onychomycosis".

Onychomycosis is caused by 3 main classes of fungi: dermatophytes, yeasts, and nondermatophyte molds. Dermatophytes are by far the most common cause of onychomycosis. Two major pathogens are responsible for approximately 90% of all onychomycosis cases.


Why GoodNail Toe Health Gel is Effective?

These creative gel are surprisingly efficient and are made to be used effortlessly at home! Long-term, they help improve nail care by removing fungus. Clinically demonstrated to lessen discolouration, restore deformed shape, remove debris made of black or yellow keratin, regulate thickness, and moisturize fragile nails!

Protect the skin around your toes & feet from fungus under & around the nails where accessible with applicator. The antifungal solution with triple action formula kills fungus, stops itching & burning, & restores skin.

Main Effective Ingredients

  • Vitex Negundo - anti-inflammatory for fungal infection
  • Cercis Chinensis- kills bacteria that causes fungal infection
  • Cortex Phellondendri - anti-oxidant and help restore damage nails
  • Tinea Albicans - help yellowish nails back to its normal color

Benefits of using GoodNail Toe Health Gel

Here are some customers who compliment the GoodNail Toe Health Gel!


"I had been suffering with nail fungus on my left big toe. Despite spending numerous amounts of mo eh on drug store anti fungal treatments, the fungus just wouldn’t go away. I purchased GoodNail Toe Health Gel and now my toe looks almost back to normal and the fun has has gone. It took me just 3 weeks to fully noticed the amazing result." - Kelsey Lambert

"To start out with my situation - I'm a 24 year old who ended up getting nail fungus at a salon. I usually do my nails on my own but over the summer I thought I'd treat myself. Long story short, I didn't not realize that I had gotten nail fungus. YUCK! I just kept putting nail polish on and not noticing that anything was wrong. This stuff really does work! I've been using it for 1 month now and it looks like it's almost gone (see pictures)." - Carlesli Beckham

 Easy Application


Use a nail files to the infected nail before the first application.


Remove any polish remnants with an alcohol swab or wipes.


Apply evenly over the entire surface of the infected nail once a week.


Shelf Life: 3 Years

Net Contel: 30ml


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