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ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask

ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask

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ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask

ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask

Regular price $24.97
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Serena Zellis submitted this photo on her journey with ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask after using for 8 weeks. Congrats on the success!

"I have a very sensitive skin that’s why I’m really having a hard time finding a skin care product that will maintain my skin and remove my wrinkles because of aging. I have been using the ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask for about two months now and my skin really looks better. Wrinkles really are reduced and face looks well moisturized. People have even commented on it. I am 64. I have skin sensitivities and this hasn't been a problem, it does not cause any redness or irritation on me. It is a terrific moisturizer and my skin feels very soft, and it hydrates all day."

Confidence Breeds Beauty

The ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask is restorative mask contains a highly concentrated and advanced formula. It has a refreshing texture that is perfectly blended with high concentrates of fullerene that penetrates the deep into your to start rejuvenating from within and natural moisturizing actives that restore water on the surface keeping your skin hydrated and plump at the same time.

Dr. Albrecht is a dermatologist and dermatological specialist who has been by and by for 10+ years. She is notable for her ability in skin health as well as her approach to creating and maintaining the most natural-looking skin utilizing state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments and dermatologic technology. Supports on using ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask as one of the best product for fine lines and wrinkles.

ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask is one of the safest yet most effective and freshest skincare product. We created a “radical sponge” which is a water-soluble derivative that allows fullerene to be used in skincare formulas.” The main ingredient, fullerene, effectively neutralizes free radicals in the skin and has clarifying anti-oxidation properties, to easily penetrate the surface of the skin, rejuvenating and brightening it."

Fullerenes are newly 0.7 nano-meters molecules, skin can more easily absorb them.

Fullerenes are newly discovered molecules that are made up of 60 linked carbon atoms arranged in the shape of a soccer ball. They are super tiny. We’re talking 0.7 nano-meters. Because of their small size, the skin can more easily absorb them. They also assist other ingredients in penetrating deeper into the skin as well so you really reap all the skin-enhancing benefits. In addition, it helps prevent breakouts and acne by balancing the oil production of your skin. It also tightens your pores, improves skin texture, reduces redness, and brightens the skin by suppressing the production of melanin.

"Free Radical Sponge" Fullerene 172 Times, more potent than Vitamin C. Antioxidant Power

Smoother And More Elastic Skin

Skin fine lines and rough sagging are caused by the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin with age. This mask has a rich essence which can inject new energy into the skin and keep it young. Deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin and smooth out fine lines with our mask now!

4 Major Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients

What makes ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask special:

• Individual Packaging. Fresh Mask Every Time. Germ-Free.

• 5X more Collagen Strengthening

• Alleviate Acne Problems & Heal Sensitive Skin

• Serves Smoother & Tighter Skin

• Cleanse and Nourish Skin in One-Go

• Effective Detoxification and Purification

• Effortless Night Repair

• Reduce 73% Appearance of Fine lines & Wrinkles

• Cruelty Free

Here are some of our happy customers:

"Love this Fullerenes Firming Mask! During and after use, my face did not feel tight or dry. My skin has actually looked better after using it for 6 weeks now. Smooth and even skin texture. I really enjoyed the outcome of this mask and have recommended to friends. Thank you and I look forward to trying future products!" - Kristina Ellis

"I tried too many firming mask and serum, but this Fullerenes Firming Mask is so amazing that I decided to write a review on it. My skin feels so much better after using it. It feels softer and more flexible, my wrinkles and fine line are getting better. I'll definitely purchase it again." - Jamaica Jensen


• Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, suited to your skin type. Pat your face dry.

• Apply the mask in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers. Avoid the area around your eyes.

• Never forget applying the mask in your neck.

• Ideally, you should apply 30 minutes before you go to bed.

• Lastly, you should be religious in applying regularly.


Ingredients: Fullerene, Camellia Extract, Oat Beta-Glucan, Nicotinamide & Sodium Hyaluronate

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Net Wt.: 5ml / Pack


ConfidenceMe Fullerenes Firming Mask

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