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CleanTat Removal Cream

CleanTat Removal Cream

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CleanTat Removal Cream

CleanTat Removal Cream

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Compliments from out Tattoo Free customers!

"This cream is absolutely amazing! I put this ceam on my 6 years old tattoo twice a day. Decided to removed it coz it starting to fade and i don't like it anymore. The creams help the tattoo to fade in just 6 weeks of continously using." - Greg Madisson

"Having this tattoo on my arms for almost 8 years now. To be honest I'm planning to do the laser removal process but im scared that might hurts alot. Gladly I found this cream which is using by my friend too. She said this cream works. On the span of almost 2 months of using, here's the result! No pain at all and I love how it naturally fades the tattoo pigments. Will also recommend this to my cousins!" - Maggie Wellington

Achieve tattoo free skin again

Despite being thought of as permanent, tattoos can really be significantly faded and even entirely removed, depending on the tattoo's size, color, and level of intricacy. CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream is topical. It’s a completely non-invasive way to remove a tattoo. There’s no pain, and there are only minimal side effects. Just rub the cream into your skin and watch that tattoo fade away.


The cream removes the pigments on the skin by breaking down the pigments into smaller molecules, and quickly removes the tattoo pigments through the body's metabolism.

Skin Pigmentation

To make a tattoo permanent, they punctures the skin with hundreds of needle pricks. Each prick delivers a deposit of ink into the dermis, the layer of skin that lies below the epidermis, which is populated with blood vessels and nerves

How does CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream works?

CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream has a powerful fading agent with antiseptic powers. Over month of use, the Removal Cream promises to penetrate the lowermost level of the epidermis for tattoo lightening. 

The cream exfoliates skin to remove top layer skin cells and break up ink pigments of the tattoo. As skin cells regenerate, they should not have the tattoo. 

The cream is absorbed quickly and will not clog your pores. Designed to increase cell turnover to help accelerate the skin's natural fading process. Can be used to fade tattoos on most parts of your body including - ankle, hand, arm, leg, back and stomach and to other parts of the body. 


Consists of 2 Key Supporting Ingredients for Skin Lightening

  • Rutin Extract - Helps improve skin dermal density and helps skin cells regenerate faster.
  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutylene - Lubricates and moisten skin surfaces for faster fading of pigment without causing burning and irritation to the skin. 

Benefits of using CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream

  • No scarring – The cream is designed to leave your healthy skin cells alone. This means that the potential for scarring is low, which contrasts removal methods that rely upon “sanding” the skin.
  • Effective fading and removal – The cream can effectively diminish the appearance of tattoos without the lasting effects that can make other methods of removal undesirable.
  • Removing specific or entire tattoos –  The tattoo removal cream can remove specific tattoos or cleanse entire regions of your body from tattoos.
  • Safety – This is one of the safest ways to remove tattoos. The risk of infection is minimal, few undesirable side effects occur after receiving treatment and comfort tends to stay high during the treatment process.

Here are some of our happy customers

"3 years ago my friend who is a aspiring tattoo artist ask me favor if he can use my skin for his tattoo practice session. After 3 years the pigment starts fading which not appealing anymore. Decided to remove it using this cream and this is really effective cream. Took me more than a month to fully remove the tattoo pigment. I recommend this than the laser coz its more affordable and very safe to use." - Marlone Davidson

"This tattoo removal cram works and really help fading my tattoo. The amazing result took me 5 weeks of using. I apply it every morning and in the evening. It feels moisturizing on the skin, I feel no pain it's just cooling sensation which I love." - Jeremy Blakeson



  1. Clean the area and dry thoroughly before applying. 
  2. Apply CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream onto the tattooed area evenly in thin layer. 
  3. Massage gently until totally absorbed. 
  4. For better result, use a warm towel to cover the area prior to applying, cover the area with cling film after application and continue to put the warm towel over the area. 
  5. Use persistently everyday until achieved the desired result.  


  • Volume: 13g


1 x CleanTat Tattoo Removal Cream

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