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flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil

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flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil

Regular price $24.97
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Presenting some of our valued customers

“After feeling insecure about my breast size and experiencing a decline in my confidence as a woman, a friend suggested flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil, and it has brought a different experience for me. I can't express how great it feels to have a fuller and more plump look! The visible enhancement has not only boosted my physical appearance but has also positively impacted my self-esteem. I highly recommend this product for anyone seeking a natural and effective solution to enhance their curves and feel more confident in their own skin.” - Therese Dingle

“I intentionally lost weight for my upcoming summer birthday, but unfortunately, it left me with sagging thighs and fat lines. While searching online, I randomly came across flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil and was immediately drawn to it. After using it for several weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it lifted and smoothed my sagging skin, making the fat lines disappear. Now, I can confidently rock my new swimsuit during the summer birthday celebration with the girls.” - Vivian Heffley

“After months of post-baby exercise focused on weight loss, I was frustrated to find that my stretch marks and stubborn fat on my abdomen persisted, and my sagging skin showed no signs of improvement. A fellow mom recommended flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil, and I am so grateful to her! It completely erased every trace of stretch marks on my belly. Its ability to address sagging skin exceeded my expectations. In just about a month, nearly 80% of my stretch marks vanished.” - Belinda Rivera

Understanding Body Skin Growth

The aging process leads the body to experience its natural consequences, typically beginning around the age of 25. The decrease in collagen production, essential for maintaining skin structure, and the diminished elasticity or breakdown of elastin, which supports skin resilience, play a role in this phenomenon. These changes are often more noticeable in women. Additionally, there could be a deceleration in the shedding of dead skin cells, and a slight reduction in the production of new skin cells may occur, resulting in sagging and wrinkles across different regions of the body's skin tissue.

How Can flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil Address Various Concerns?

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil was developed to tackle issues related to collagen loss and hormonal imbalance, leading to skin problems like wrinkles, aging signs, sagging, and excess fat accumulation. By incorporating this product into your skincare routine, you can effectively address concerns such as stretch marks, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It also works to enhance the appearance of areas like the abdomen, breasts, and buttocks. Moreover, it aids in tightening loose skin while offering additional benefits. The formulation of flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil comprises 100% natural ingredients, ensuring its safety for your skin while delivering a high-quality solution.

Dr. Evalie Kirkeman, a Board-certified dermatologist with more than a decade of expertise in skin treatment, suggests the use of flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil. This product serves as an excellent remedy for various skin concerns, including neck lines, sagging arms, drooping breasts, chest pain, stretch marks, cellulite in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, as well as sagging buttocks, among other issues, without causing any adverse side effects. Formulated exclusively from 100% natural plant extracts, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Revitalizing Breast Health: flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil for Enhancement, Uplift & Comfort

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil serves as an effective therapy for the breasts, contributing to their firmness, upliftment, and enlargement. Additionally, it works to prevent breast pain and provides support for various health issues such as Breast Cancer, Fibrocystic Breasts, Mastectomy, and Post-Operation Care. The primary cause of breast pain is excessive estrogen, influenced by factors such as age, nutrition, pregnancy, and hypothalamic-pituitary diseases. To rebalance estrogen levels in women and alleviate breast pain, we have formulated an all-natural solution. This essential oil is not only capable of preventing and treating breast diseases but also enhances overall health.

Reducing Cellulite & Tightening Thighs

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil enhances skin tone, boosts elasticity, and diminishes cellulite visibility. With natural ingredients fostering skin cell renewal, promoting hydration, and improving circulation, this lightweight formula rapidly absorbs, delivering essential nutrients to deeper layers for a youthful and firmer look.

Minimizing Wrinkles Appearance

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil diminishes the appearance of aging and wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin within 3-5 weeks. Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients like Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenol Esters, and Vitamin E, this oil effectively combats wrinkles for a revitalized complexion.

Eliminating Stretch Marks & Toning Abdomen

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil is a blend of natural oils and herbs formulated to rejuvenate and firm the skin. This oil effectively diminishes stretch marks, tightens the abdomen, and reduces wrinkles. The unique combination of Moringa oil and Abyssinian oil in flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil is particularly effective in reducing the visibility of sunspots, wrinkles, and stretch marks. It's highly recommended for new mothers and safe for use on both the face and body before, during, and after pregnancy.

Firming & Lifting Buttocks While Reducing Cellulites

flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil helps reduce cellulite by promoting skin cell regeneration, regulating estrogen levels, and boosting natural collagen production. Additionally, it diminishes stretch marks and enhances skin elasticity. Utilizing flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil allows you to harness the benefits of pure natural oil for firming and tightening your buttocks.

Consist of 6 Key Ingredients For Body Slimming


Collagen supports skin moisture and structure, improving circulation, hydrating skin, and preventing wrinkles. It tightens skin, reduces pores, and aids in breast/buttock enlargement, hair care, and skin protection.

Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil, with skin-friendly properties, refreshes without oiliness. It effectively reduces wrinkles, enhances skin regeneration, and fortifies moisture retention.

Moringa Oil

Rich in omega fatty acids, Moringa oil soothes irritation, diminishes fine lines, and strengthens the skin's barrier.

Anemarrhena Asphodeloides

Anemarrhena asphodeloides, with estrogen-like effects, enhances breast size and firmness. Applied topically, it forms an elastic film, increasing volume and aiding in fat cell accumulation.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil, resembling human sebum, easily penetrates the skin. It oxygenates pores during massage, resists free radicals, and maintains hormone balance.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E tightens the skin, promoting a firmer appearance. Essential for bodily functions, it regulates hormones, repairs cells, and provides antioxidant benefits.

What Makes flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil Be The GREAT CHOICE:

Elevating and firming breasts, buttocks, stomach, thighs, and upper arms.

Nourishing and firming the bust and buttocks, leaving them moisturized, firm, and full.

Enhancing skin texture, providing hydration and moisture.

Formulated with a pure, natural plant blend, ensuring safety without irritation.

Supporting the maintenance of hormone balance.

Alleviating breast pain while preventing and addressing breast diseases.

Enhancing your body's skin upliftment and refining feminine curves quickly.

Facilitating the opening of skin absorption channels, thereby improving nutrient absorption rates.

96.74% Solve Body Skin Problems

Here are some of our happy customers:

“As I began to notice the effects of aging on my skin, particularly with breast sagging, I started searching for solutions. Trying out flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil for over a month has genuinely satisfied me with its promising results. I've experienced a positive shift in the firmness of my breasts, along with a noticeable improvement in both size and lift. The added bonus is the visible smoother and well-moisturized feel of my skin.” - Jennifer Lois

“After struggling with the aftermath of belly stretch marks and sagging skin, I decided to give flysmus™ BewtyMax Collagen Lifting Body Oil a try. The visible impact of pregnancy and weight fluctuations had left me with stretch marks and loose skin that I found challenging to address. This oil, however, has been truly transformative. Over time, it has significantly reduced the appearance of stretch marks, and the added benefit is the noticeable improvement in the firmness and texture of my skin. The struggles I faced with sagging skin are now mitigated, and I'm more confident in my skin's appearance.” - Patricia Mead

Usage Directions

1. Apply 2 to 3 drops of essential oil on the area where you want to change.

2. Massage gently into a circular motion until it is fully absorbed.

3. Use twice daily morning and before bedtime for best results.

4. 1 bottle a month for optimal results.


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