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flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume

flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume

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flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume

flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume

Regular price $19.97
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LUSTY Feromone Perfume contains scientifically formulated pheromones designed to enhance attraction and appeal to others. The set includes a variety of fragrances that contains a blend of pheromones that can help to increase attraction, confidence, and intimacy.

Clinically Verified & Proven

The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is a roll-on pheromone perfume that has been scientifically created to attract and stimulate the receptors. Experts in the field of osmology have concluded that pheromones, which are chemical messengers, play a crucial role in attracting individuals of opposite gender. These chemical messengers are responsible for inducing chemical reactions, triggering desires, regulating hormone levels, and even enhancing fertility when they are released.

What is Pheromones?

Pheromones play a role in attraction and behavior between couples. These chemical messengers are detected by the vomeronasal organ, a specialized sensory organ in the nose, and can affect the behavior or physiology of the recipient. Pheromones plays an important role in social and intimate communication, including increasing hormones, attraction and mate selection. Most hormones work internally and have a direct effect only on the individual secreting them, but pheromones act as behavior-altering agents in that they can have effects on other individuals in the vicinity.

Perfectly Fusion Body Fragrance

The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is formulated to create a unique scent when applied to your skin, thanks to its ion binding technology. This technology helps to enhance and amplify the potency of your natural pheromones, resulting in a more distinctive aroma that can trigger the olfactory nerve and evoke emotional and romantic feelings. By combining your pheromones with the perfume, you may have a greater chance of attracting and seducing potential partners. The composition of this perfume set works to alter your mental and emotional state and can lead to successful interactions with men.

Why Does The LUSTY Feromone Perfume Effective?

The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is created to be effective due to the presence of pheromones in its formulation. Pheromones are chemical signals that are naturally produced and released by the body to attract and communicate with others of the same species, including potential mates. When applied to the skin, the pheromones in the LUSTY Feromone Perfume enhances and amplify the natural scent of the wearer, making them more attractive and appealing to your partner. The perfume triggers the olfactory nerve and alter the recipient's mental and emotional state, leading to increased desire and attraction.

What Makes The LUSTY Feromone Perfume SPECIAL?

Improves Your Interpersonal Relationships

Pheromones Absorption

Enhance Your Own Pheromones With This Fragranced Attractant

Releases A Subtle Scent Unique To You

Enhance Your Natural Pheromone Production Which Inspires Affection

May Operate As An Instant Chemistry Booster

Seductive Appeal

Charming, Pleasant Scent For Women

8 Scents Available, Including Vanilla & Rose Flavour

Intrinsic, Naturally Extracted Ingredients

Handy Size To Carry Everywhere In Your Pocket/Purse

Roll-On Application For Easier Application & Longer Lasting Scent

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